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NBA. Trae Young fined for unlawful contact with referee. Sport

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Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young was fined $ 15,000 by the NBA for unlawful contact with a referee, the league said Friday.

The incident occurred in the middle of the second quarter of the defeat (122-111) conceded by his team Thursday in Washington. After an action where he was hit by an opposing player and then missed his shot, Young, unhappy that a foul was not whistled, struck referee Ben Taylor’s back with his arm as he fell back to his camp .

Young unhappy with a new rule

The latter inflicted a technical foul on him, for this gesture certainly not violent, but which reflects the current frustration of the leader, unhappy with a new rule in force aimed at stopping giving free throws to shooters who cause opposing fouls on their attempts, notably by jumping towards the defender to seek contact.

This has made Young a specialty, like James Harden (Brooklyn) in particular.

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“When guys go straight in and are out of balance, it’s still a foul no matter if they’re using their lower body or their hands. When an attacker jumps towards the defender, it’s different. For some things, I agree with the change of rules, but for others it is always faults and players will get injured. Especially for a small guy like me (1.75 m) who has to face bigger and bigger players, they use their body, their legs and their hands to stop me ”, did he declare.

Young averages 24.2 points, 10 assists and 3 rebounds per game for the Hawks, beaten by Milwaukee in the Eastern Conference final in the last playoffs and who have a record of 3 wins and 2 losses early in the season. season.


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