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MasterChef has a new Pavlína! Who can’t viewers stand?

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The charismatic Paolo left the competition for a moment this week after failing to improvise enough after the exchange of kitchen units between three other competitors. Everyone had the task of preparing the appetizer and the main course, the first hook was that they were only allowed to use twenty-five ingredients to prepare both dishes. It was therefore mainly about their ingenuity and ability to work with the given raw materials so that the courses follow each other logically.

But then another hook came. In the middle of cooking, the jury made the challenge more difficult and forced the four competitors to swap their kitchen seats. Although Besky got a relatively poor table after Paolo, she managed to conjure up an appetizer with less food, which sent her straight to the balcony. Unfortunately, Paolo was not so lucky with her raw materials. His performance was not helped by the fact that he was exposed to many questions by the jury during cooking, which made him nervous rather than encouraging the jurors. “They tried to make a fool of me.” quotes the amateur chef website eXtra.cz.

MasterChef Czech: Paolo – Italian who can’t speak Italian!

Although Jitka, who stood next to Paolo during the elimination, prepared only a breast of the whole duck, from which only two jurors ate, and panicked the most during cooking, she eventually won a place on the balcony. However, many fans of the competition did not like this. “I can’t even feel Jitka, he’s a very fake person,” wrote the viewer Lenka on social networks, as informed by the above-mentioned website. “Same with me,” viewer Tereza joined. In the discussion, the ladies agreed that it would be time for Jitka to leave the MasterChef kitchen.

Although Paolo managed to return those who fell out of the competition in Wednesday’s challenge, it will probably not change anything about the hostility of the spectators towards Jitka …

Pavel Berky and his friend said ‘yes’ to the MasterChef Czech jury


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