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Marco calls for a “step forward” to deal with Cáceres and misunderstanding

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Mads Bonde Sturup enters the basket against Almansa. | MARC MARTÍ

Five months later, again Cáceres. Very different context and staff, that of the Extremaduran team and Bàsquet Girona, with new faces. But the same scenario as in mid-May, saw as the team of Carles Marco he lost all mathematical choice of being first in the permanence phase and have the option to qualify for the promotion play-off. He arrived safely, determined to face a rival who also had a chance to catch first place. Victory for the home team, but the carom of a very bizarre format finally allowed Murcia to stay on top. After all, that 73-61 didn’t have as much significance. Point and end of the season and enough. Now the story is different. There are points at stake.

Both teams are not so far in the standings and after all, only four games have been played. But while Bàsquet Girona has offered lights and also shadows, with a worrying percentage from the triple line, Cáceres have only lost in Palencia and have achieved three victories. “We are aware of where we are going. It is a very difficult track. We don’t think about what they can do to us, but what we will do. And what we want is to take the initiative ”. Marco speaks, the first to want to erase last Sunday’s defeat, with a clear defeat against Almansa in Fontajau. A day to forget, with many mistakes and a clear external misunderstanding. The coach also talks about this. “What worries me is that we care about precisely that. We have to have a good time, help each other and also defend. Then we’ll think about putting the shot. We work a lot every day, we shoot a lot and everything will come ”.

Of Cáceres, the “experience” in the category of many of its players stands out. Exterior Devin Schmidt is one of the main threats. Also Ben Embala, the second best scorer in the LEB Or with an average of 18.75 points per game. A real physical prodigy that must be closely monitored. It will take head and muscle. And this is where the loss of Karamo Jawara can be noticed, which for the third time will not be available. “If we’re all there, we’re better, of course. Jawara gives us things that others don’t have. But I only think about who we are. We will try not to notice the loss of a colleague, so many of us will have to take steps forward. He only played the first two games, against Juaristi and Prat, before disappearing from the map due to a back problem. For his part, Pol Molins is “like this, like this”, as his coach explains. He has traveled, “but we will not know if we can use it.” A little less rotation to try to break with a dynamic of two defeats in a row.


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