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just a matter of time for the Brazilian?

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The most expensive rookie in the summer transfer window, Gerson struggles to win in Jorge Sampaoli’s starting lineup.

Arrived with great pomp at the Olympique de Marseille last summer, Gerson had a difficult start under the Marseille tunic. The most expensive recruit of the Marseille summer transfer window (€ 15 million excluding bonus), the Brazilian international is struggling to convince all OM observers. Priority of Jorge Sampaoli on the transfer market, the midfielder unleashes passions in Marseille, where many supporters express a certain skepticism towards him.

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A position to be defined

Arrived in the skin of a recovering environment, Gerson was quickly lugged from post to post. Symbol of a foolproof hybridity, OM players like Luan Peres and Valentin Rongier are called upon to occupy different roles when the team has possession of the ball. Gerson was able to evolve as a left, right, left piston or even axial playmaker. A lack of stability in a flexible tactical system, which does not allow him to draw the fullness of his talent to a preferential position. A problem that Jorge Sampaoli desperately seeks to resolve within his collective animation.

«For us, he’s a player who can play at multiple heights. He is an organizer from the center, that’s where we faced him when I was training in Brazil. We must value him more quickly so that he can make the differences that we expect and that is why we must expect more from a player like Gerson.»Confided the Argentinian technician. A role that would highlight the wide range of his technical qualities, whether in the short game or the long game.

For former OM midfielder Benoît Cheyrou, Gerson must evolve against the game in order to use the wide range of his abilities. “We see it too often with its back to the game, I have the impression that it is borrowed from the position to which it is used. As soon as he is facing the game, it is much more interesting. He also needs others to express himself because he has a passing quality with his left foot which allows him to give good balls.», Confided the consultant Prime Video.

Adaptation to European football

Gerson has already had disappointing experiences in Italy. At Roma and then at Fiorentina, the 24-year-old midfielder left a mixed memory. After a successful experience at Flamengo, the Brazilian decided to return to Europe. Adapting to European football, and to the physical and athletic dimension in Ligue 1, can take time. The Brazilian must adapt to a new culture, a new language and above all a new football. In a pre-match press conference against Clermont on Thursday, Gerson referred to this period of adaptation.

«I arrived considering that I was going to do well, but in football there are ups and downs. I am adapting. I do my best to meet expectations. But every day I feel happier, I feel more at home.In a closely related way, Gerson exudes a certain nonchalance, sometimes interpreted as complacency, which can annoy the Marseille public.

Technically very easy, the midfielder is slow to play quickly, and slows down some of the Phoceans’ offensive streaks. The pace in Europe is much more demanding. The Brazilian must step up a gear in order to adapt as quickly as possible to the demands of European football. An observation drawn up by Jorge Sampaoli who expects more from his player.

«We ask him to participate more in the game and to adapt to the rhythm of Ligue 1, it is a more physical championship and there is more pressing than in Brazil. It’s different. He has to get down to the tempo. We did not succeed in getting him to find this rhythm so that he could perform as expected of him.“Beyond the attitude, the sequence of services deemed insufficient could also affect the player’s confidence.

Clear potential

Against Nice on Wednesday, Gerson delivered an encouraging performance. Decisive passer on Dimitri Payet’s equalizer, the former Fiorentina player gave an overview of what he can bring to the Marseillais. In the presence of a game without a very interesting ball close to the opponent’s surface, the races and movements of the Brazilian can provide solutions to a team that has been running slightly less well for a few weeks. “He had a better game. We saw him project into the opponent’s penalty area. It is he who is decisive on Dimitri Payet’s goal for me.»Confided Benoît Cheyrou after the match against Nice.

Technically clean, Gerson has excellent back-to-play ball retention, although he still struggles to turn under pressure from a defender. Author of a goal and two assists in ten Ligue 1 matches, the Brazilian can show himself to his advantage in the last gesture, evidenced by his goal scored against Saint-Etienne.

Challenged for his lack of defensive folds, Gerson intercepted several important balloons in the midfield. A performance that portends a fruitful future at Olympique de Marseille although the Brazilian is still far from his level observed at Flamengo.


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