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Grosseto, the bar del Corso is reborn and is looking for staff: the project and how to apply

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Work in progress in the historic bar in the historic center: and there are also some hires scheduled (Photo AgenziaBF)

After Lulu at the Giotto park, the members of Porca Vacca invest again and take on: eight vacancies. All the details to apply

GROSSETO. The white construction site “awning” that surrounds the pedestrian area where the outdoor tables of the Bar del Corso were arranged until recently does not go unnoticed. We are in corso Carducci, in front of the portico of the town hall: the commercial area that housed the old restaurant has been completely “gutted” (even if from the outside you can’t see anything of the works that are going on inside). In place of the Bar del Corso, a gourmet patisserie will open, the twin of the one called Lulù and which from June 2021 has been making delicacies at the baseball stadium, where before there was the Amore Capoeira restaurant and even before the Strike. And as in the case of Lulù, this is also a business project born in the Porca Vacca house, the brand of the company headed by Angelo Perla e Michele Barracu, entrepreneurs known for their pragmatism, so much so that they have come up with the very successful format of burgers (including angus meat) and salads eaten on wooden seats in the shape of a railway wagon.


The pastry shop in corso Carducci will be called Mimì and Cocò: and to get an idea of ​​what it will be like, you can make a detour to Lulù (if you haven’t already). So much so that Mimì and Cocò is the entrepreneurial continuum of the Lulù Project which, as Perla had anticipated, would not stop at the ribbon cutting of the house of delights next to the Giotto park. Like Lulù, it will be a pastry-bar but with slightly longer hours, in the evening, to attract customers who love an aperitif and after dinner. To take care of the sweet delicacies of the new pastry shop in Corso Carducci will be the team of pastry chefs already set up by the entrepreneurs of the Porca Vacca and which already operates by Lulù: numerically nourished, highly competent and led by Bernardo Masi, has made sparks among the Grosseto people in these summer months, so much so that investors are very satisfied with the first creature of the Lulù Project.


Within the commercial fund “there is nothing more than what there was before”, Angelo Perla anticipates; everything has been eliminated to create space for 12 meters of linear counter that will be divided between breakfasts, savory dishes and mignon; there will also be a corner dedicated to ice cream; an internal room with 30 seats; and an outdoor area with about forty seats. The furniture will be “marble effect”, with glass chandeliers and Art Nouveau wallpaper. All white with a few “pins” of black here and there.


Mimì e Cocò will open in early December with the collaboration of Elisa Poccieschi, owner of Pane più, the baguetteria, salad bar and sweets business closed in via Roma from mid-July 2021 after the collapse of a portion of the roof of the building, and owner of the new restaurant in piazza del Sale, “Mammma mia! “(with three ems) in the bottom of the former Jab. The construction works are proceeding in via Carducci and the most difficult task seems to be that of the search for personnel. «We are looking for counter and counter agents, barmen – says Perla – We will need six / eight people. We already have pastry chefs, but if there is someone who wants to propose themselves, welcome “; anyone wishing to come forward can send their curriculum to [email protected] In short, 2021 closes with a positive figure for the historic center and for the city’s parlor.


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