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FC Barcelona: Bara is gambling his future: the Assembly of the resurrection

by archysport

JOan Laporta said in an interview in Sport that they are going to proclaim the resurrection of Barcelona. And for this it is absolutely essential that the members give them a free ride in the Assembly that will take place this Sunday at the Palau Blaugrana. They say it is the most important Assembly in the history of the club and they are not misguided. If the delegates knock down the proposals of the Board, this Board will have no choice but to resign.

The first hot spot will have to do with the approval of the accounts of the previous fiscal year. Laporta wanted to differentiate between the two efforts. The first part of the season was Bartomeu responsible, as of March it is up to Laporta once he was proclaimed president. And it is a capital issue when it comes to distributing blame because the shadow of a Responsibility Action plans in the environment. Especially because the losses have been inflated by the way in which the current Board has presented the accounts, something with which Bartomeu does not agree.

Then the matter of Espai Bara will come. Laporta ask that the partners approve a new financing of the project that rises to 1,500 million. The new stadium is a capital issue so that the club considerably increases its income in the future. But money is needed and the partners will have to give the go-ahead since the Board is not empowered to do so in amounts that exceed 10% of the budget.

Barcelona cannot go longer without a modern stadium. All his great rivals already have them, so a new Camp Nou is urgently needed. Laporta argues that it is a credit that will only be returned once the stadium is built and as it generates profits.

Then comes the most committed topic of the afternoon: the reform of the statutes. And especially the suspension of article 67 that requires the Board to compensate in two years the losses generated in one year. And if they don’t they will have to resign. This is what this Board is exposed to, since with the enormous losses it has had and the current situation of the club, they will not be able to restore balance in the foreseen term.

Laporta trusts that the members understand that it is an exceptional period due to the pandemic that has generated great losses in all the clubs, regardless of la mala gestin that their managers could have done. In the case of Barcelona, ​​the two cases come together, the pandemic and the mismanagement of the Bartomeu Board.


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