Fabrica attacks her best friend with a baseball bat: on trial

She attacks her best friend with a baseball bat, twenty-year-old from Fabrica di Roma on trial for threats and injuries. On 5 July 2018 in the main square of the town a 26-year-old suddenly pulled the handbrake and got out of her car armed with a club. And without even thinking about it, he walked in the direction of another girl and hit her in the face.

The victim was sitting in the car and was taken totally by surprise. The woman, assisted in the trial by the lawyer Tania Cesarini, then returned imprinting and threatening her car and left. The scene was filmed by the municipality’s video surveillance cameras. «That day – said a witness in the courtroom – I was going to buy cigarettes and I heard voices of women screaming. But I didn’t see what happened. “

The victim’s mother, a civil party assisted by the lawyer Remigio Sicilia, took care of the story yesterday. “My daughter and the defendant – he said – were very close friends. They were often together and I knew his mother. Earlier that morning I received an alarmed call from my daughter telling me to be careful because her friend wanted to come home and hit me. Soon after I got another one that told me she had been attacked was all covered in blood and her teeth wobbled. Honestly, I don’t know what happened, since up until the night before they were on the phone together without any problems ».

The girl shocked by the attack was first taken to the police to file a complaint and then went to the emergency room. “Here we had to lock ourselves in – said the mother – because the accused and the mother also arrived and continued to threaten and insult us heavily”. Threats that would also have come by telephone. “My daughter has had to go through expensive treatments since that day to fix her teeth and she hasn’t finished yet. Treatments for 7-8 thousand euros “. The sentence on 10 March.




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