Chronicle of the first Cup match – Senior men

Chronicle of the 1st Cup match of our senior men’s team against CB San Ignacio.

We started with a bad start from the senior men in this weekend’s match in which the Cup began with a 2-10 partial favorable to the rival team. After a time-out requested by the local team’s coach, the season was reversed, placing us above the scoreboard and already, reaching the break, we got up to an advantage of 11 points. The second half was much more even, more success for the visiting team so the score was equalized.

In the end, the match was decided by small details and the victory went to the home team by 5 points. Many errors from the free kick of our players caused the game to have more problems than, a priori, it seemed when they achieved the high income on the scoreboard. Little success, few points, how is logical in the first game of the season.

See you on the next day of the Cup, on Saturday at 8:00 p.m., at home in front of Calahorra.

-Fernando Ceña-




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