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Borussia Dortmund: spectator problems – too many speedsters, too few fans! – Bundesliga

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Again streaker trouble at BVB!

After a fan ran onto the field at the home game against Mainz (3: 1) to get the jersey from Erling Haaland (21), another fan tried after the cup game against Ingolstadt (2: 0).

Right in the middle: coach Marco Rose (45)!

When he saw how the folder pulled the fan rather brutally, Rose sprinted over and intervened courageously. In the end, the man still received the jersey from Reinier (19).

When asked by BILD, Rose: “We have to find a solution so that this doesn’t happen every weekend. I can understand the fans trying to get a jersey, but if everyone does that, we will eventually have 30,000 people on the pitch. “

Not the only annoyance for BVB! There were only 25,130 fans against the bottom of the second division. With 67,000 viewers, an almost meager occupancy rate of 37.5 percent was allowed. Before Corona, Dortmund was one of Europe’s clubs with the highest average with an average of over 80,000 fans.

Have the fans had enough of BVB football?

The fact is: In the league, Dortmund almost always had maximum occupancy – in accordance with the Corona rules. In addition, there are still many supporters who do not want to go to the stadium under 3G rules, especially the ultra groups.


“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/dortmund-trainer-marco-rose-eilt-zu-den-iordnern-die-den-flitzer-stellen-haben-40891094304c438297ec75b5b9f559b7-78073690/ Image / 3.bild.jpg “/>

Dortmund coach Marco Rose rushes to the files that have provided the speedsterPhoto: WITTERS

Manager Michael Zorc (59) is nevertheless satisfied: “The spectators were great and patient. You have always supported us. Compared to other stadiums, I think 25,000 is a lot. In 2006 we also played against Unterhaching in the second round, we had 18,000 … “

Mini-scenery and speedster trouble – in two days against Cologne it should get better again.


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