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Binche is committed to inclusive sport

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It would take long pages to list all the benefits of sport. In short, it should be emphasized that from an early age, it is essential for development and learning. It also offers greater autonomy and independence.

It is therefore far from trivial, the City of Binche has signed the Charter of Solidarity to actively promote the integration of people with mental disabilities into the sports world. About fifty children and members of Special Olympics Belgium were present in Binche this Friday morning alongside mayor Laurent Devin and alderman Fred Tilmant. Together, they symbolically carried a torch to mark their commitment.

Concretely, the City of Binche will ensure that youth movements, sports clubs, schools and other associations welcome people with mental disabilities, in collaboration with the Social Cohesion Plan (PCS) and T21 Binche-Hainaut. “Several sports clubs have already agreed to welcome athletes with mental disabilities, namely, Boxing club Binche Bogota, Club Sankuiju, Volley Club Binchois, BCJ Ressaix, Royale Union Sportive Binche, Baseball Binche Guardians , the Battignies Pétanque Club, the Rugby Coyote Club and Badminton Mutu Binche. There is no doubt that others will also be added to this list “, specifies the City.

It is also planned to involve these special athletes in a whole series of events on Binche, such as the sports day of the sixths of municipal education, the young strides of the half-marathon or the Urban Heroes Challenge. Athletes with a physical or mental handicap will also be rewarded during the Sports Merits. Finally, it is also planned to organize two days of adapted sport each year.

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