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John Hollinger, current reporter for The Athletic and former Grizzlies executive, had explained that Ben Simmons’ strategy skipping his team’s training camp was not very effective. As Jimmy Butler had shown in Wolves, it was better to come and behave “Like an asshole” in order to leave a club.

Obviously, this is the new tactic of the leader, who returned to Philadelphia but only to show its leaders that the divorce is consummated. Completely fired from collective training by Doc Rivers, because he refused to participate in defensive exercises, after a first training where he had not put any intensity, Ben Simmons had to work alone this Thursday, while his team returned from La New Orleans. But according to ESPN, the All-Star pointed to the training center … before leaving without performing the scheduled session.

He would have explained to have a “stiffness in the back” to the medical staff of the Sixers in order to return home.

Also according to ESPN, after some treatments, the doctors of Philadelphia would have given him the green light to train but The Athletic ensures for his part that the player is not “mentally ready” to play and that it is not necessary that the Sixers are counting on him now. So he won’t be here tomorrow, for the Brooklyn reception in Philadelphia. And hard to imagine Ben Simmons putting on the Sixers uniform at all…

In any case, like the Nets with Kyrie Irving, Philadelphia is certainly going to have to decide quickly. The club cannot afford to deal with Ben Simmons’ escapades on a daily basis, until a possible transfer.

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