Bayern Munich: Nagelmann between King and Crash – Bundesliga

In April, BILD commented on the search for a Flick successor, which had not yet been decided: “Nagelsmann would undoubtedly be an exciting experiment. But can FC Bayern afford experiments in financially difficult Corona times? “

Bayern entered into the experiment with the youngest coach (34 years old) in the club’s history. Interim balance: 1st place in the league, 1st place in the Champions League preliminary round – but the first title is already gone! And not somehow, but with a historical disgrace.

With the 0: 5 in Gladbach, Nagelsmann wrote history differently than he and FC Bayern had hoped. He is also responsible for the highest Bayern Cup failure of all time from the Corona home office.

In this century Magath, van Gaal, Guardiola, Kovac and Flick won the double of the championship and the DFB Cup in their first year in Bavaria. Nagelsmann, on the other hand, like Klinsmann and Ancelotti, does not.

5 goals conceded connect fans with the most brutal defeats in Bayern’s recent past: 2: 5 against Werder and 1: 5 in Wolfsburg in the 2008/2009 Bundesliga, title NULL. 2: 5 against Dortmund in the 2012 cup final, title ZERO. So now 0: 5 in Gladbach …

… and again ZERO title? Wait. After the 1: 5 in Frankfurt 2019, the TRIPLE followed, but also a change of coach.

After four months of Nagelsmann you have to say: Bavaria is extremely unpredictable under him. Positive as well as negative. The last games prove this impressively: 1: 2 embarrassment against Frankfurt, 5: 1 demonstration in Leverkusen, 4: 0 easy-fuzzy victories in Lisbon and against Hoffenheim, 0: 5 embarrassment in Gladbach.


It doesn’t follow any football logic. That cannot be explained.

The only realization: With coach Nagelsmann, FC Bayern is capable of anything in every way. Both for the first untitled season since 2012 and for the Champions League victory. Between king and crash – the Nagelsmann experiment remains exciting …



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