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Badminton: the Argentan club returns from Maromme with seven medals, two of which are gold

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Eight young Argentinian players accompanied by their coach and volunteer coaches. (© Le Journal de l’Orne)

The Normandie and the Hauts-de-France participated in the first Interregional youth circuit To Maromme (Seine-Maritime).

With medals for the Bayard Argentan Badminton (Orne).

The young people of Bayard Argentan Badminton are finding their cruising speed.

The weekend of October 23 and 24, 2021, the first Interregional Youth Circuit (ICJ) was taking place in Maromme, Seine-Maritime.

This competition brings together the best young people from the Normandy and Hauts-de-France regions, with, for the winners, a ticket for the next Elite Youth Circuit (CEJ).

The results were positive since the young troop of 8 players brought back 7 medals including 2 in gold.

Tanned in singles

Among the youngest, Valentin Jacquette does not go out of group in singles but progresses. In mixed, he fell slightly in 1 / 8th with R. Dormoi-Le-Brière (Condé-sur-Sarthe) against his partner Gabin Compas.

In doubles, the boys manage to win a match.

For his part, Gabin Compas stops in 1/4 of the mixed race alongside A. Lecuyer (Lisieux).

He is a bronze medalist in singles!

No chance

Antonin Bouillard does not go out of group in singles but wins a doubles match with M. Plantefeve (Roubaix).

Paul Jacquette does not come out of hen neither in singles nor in doubles with T. Pinto (Alencon).

With Noan Paquet in mixed, they fell in the first round against the future winners of the table.

Double silver

Noan Package is definitely out of luck: after having inherited the mixed winners, she finds herself in the pool of the seed 1.

Despite a very good first game won, the march was, for the moment, too high.

In doubles, she climbed to the second step of the podium with L. Desrues.

Three silver medals for Arthur Shanmugarajah

Arthur Shanmugarajah returns from Maromme with three silver medals.

It has surely been a long weekend for Arthur who, after a dozen matches, struggled physically to play his three finals.

Some physical (physiotherapy) and tactical adjustments were necessary in duplicate with B. Chevallier allowing them to make their opponents doubt but that was not enough.

In mixed with Nina Lourghi, Arthur is regaining his strength but, once again, the status of the opponents’ favorite has been confirmed.

Nina Lourghi and Anaïs Marical in gold

For his part, Nina Lourghi achieves an almost perfect competition.

In singles, Nina wins without doubting until the final where she confirms her current form against her partner Anaïs Marical (Lillebonne).

With Anaïs in doubles, they take the first step of the podium.

Bodes well for the French Youth Championship in three weeks.

Heïdy in bronze

Heïdy was the only representative in the cadet category.

She did not go out of group in singles but managed to pass a round in mixed with E. De Croos.

And left all the same with a smile by obtaining a bronze medal with T. Bonnano (Hem) in doubles.

Well done to all the young people who proudly wore the Argentinian colors! Congratulations to Nina on her qualification for the next EYC.

The pink ruffles

In this month of October also called Pink October, the Normandy Badminton League organized a charity competition The Pink Ruffles.

This competition is intended to raise awareness about breast cancer screening.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to an association defending this cause.

Three bayard players took part this weekend in Granville.

In mixed, Franck Geeraerts, associated at the last minute to Mr. Barray (Fécamp) manages to win his first match without incident which allows him to reach the quarter-finals.

After a hotly contested match (21-18 17-21 20-22), Franck stops at this stage.

In the same table were registered Stéphane and Zoé Chauvel.

The father and daughter, whose association has become habitual, impose their game and come out winners of their two group matches and are also stopped in the quarterfinals by the future finalists of the table.

Zoé Chauvel, big winner

Zoe Chauvel (15 years old) was also entered on the women’s singles roll.

Still belonging to the junior category, the young Zoe made short work of her elders by winning first her three group matches in straight sets.

She continued her very good course until the final where she emerged as a big winner without losing a single round during the day.

Bayard Argentan Badminton has been at the top of Norman training for almost 15 years and is proud to see its young shoots climb to the highest steps of the podiums, whether among young people or seniors.

Jules Chauvel, flawless

Jules Chauvel (18 years old), referee of the club and officiating flawless for a few seasons for the National team was also present in this competition in order to continue his referee training towards the highest level, with a view to validating soon the highest refereeing diplomas from the French Badminton Federation.

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