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Atlético Nacional failed to win at home at Atanasio in the last matches, it again resigned points, this time against Medellín in the Antioqueño classic, after a very good first half, but a second where it lost the idea and on the end, it rescued a point that keeps him at the top of the table in League II-2021. At the end of the game, coach Alejandro Restrepo spoke at a press conference, who appreciated how good the team did, although he does not know what is missing, to be a more reliable team when it comes to getting better results.

“We start from a positive thought, to value the game and the idea of ​​the game that we want to capture in each game. I am happy with that great first half that we achieved, where Mosquera Marmolejo is a figure. In the second half, the game changed, they grew on their idea, seeking to score a goal quickly. But I value the desire, the desire, the effort of this team to take care of a game idea, through it to get the goal, we scored one and we were able to get another, “said Restrepo

The Antioquia strategist, who was playing his first classic as a proprietary coach, spoke about Jarlan Barrera’s continuity in the game in field conditions that were not favorable for his style of play. “We felt that Jarlan (Barrera) was physically well, he was not inferior to the challenge of the match. He managed to attract rivals, sometimes he set himself as second striker or went on the wing. We believed that he was very good in the game, with the teammates who entered, he managed to interact in a good way, so we decided to leave him for the whole game ”.

About Jefferson Duque, who could have something similar, Restrepo said that “we felt that Jefferson Duque was physically and mentally well. When you face a slow defense, spaces are needed and we didn’t have them. It was a game to connect with passes, patience to find the wingers in one on one. We were missing at the last moment to reach the goal. In spite of everything, we believed that Jefferson Duque was very well and that is why we decided to leave him on the field of play throughout the game. “

Also, “the games have different moments, in the first half we had very good things. For the second, Medellín grows, they improved, then we go back to take another moment where we tied. We were attentive in the game, we competed and in the end we added a point that allows us to continue at the top of the table ”.

Finally, the technician appreciated the support of the little more than 33,000 fans on a Saturday night, the eve of the bank holiday. “I appreciate the support of the fans, on a rainy night, with all the difficulties the team felt that support. We must continue to deepen the idea of ​​the game, we feel that in this game we took another step in this idea, we must improve in attack and definition. But we are optimistic and we believe that we can improve ”.

For his part, the author of the green goal Baldomero Perlaza stressed that “the idea was to win, the rivals also prepare. We insist on the band, on the center, Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo was very good. In the second half, the game got heavier, the rain and the court didn’t let us flow. Their goal came, we did not lower our arms and we got the tie. We are not satisfied with the draw, we wanted to win, the rival also plays, competes. We still have to work and think about the next matches ”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
En Twitter: @juanchoserran8



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