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Alberto Gamero analyzes the situation of Juan Carlos Osorio – Colombian Soccer – Sports

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Juan Carlos Osorio He lives critical hours in America due to the poor results, and because the fans are already asking for his departure from office. This Monday, while the directives define whether to leave or stay, the DT Alberto Gamero sent a backup message.

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Alberto Gamero, Millonario’s coach and who is already classified for home runs, referred to the situation that Osorio is experiencing in America. He considers that the results have been unfair with the coach’s proposal on the court.

“Here in Colombia we only look at the results, here, sometimes, we do not see the games and we only ask how the team was. I, watching yesterday’s game, America did not have to have lost the game, despite having a rival as good as Nacional. America had the clearest options and the initiative to win the game. That’s when, as a coach, one begins to visualize and continue working, not to have peace of mind, “said Gamero on the program ‘Primer Toque’ by Win Sports.

Gamero and his similar experience

Gamero recalled that his beginning in Millonarios was also traumatic, because in the first year the results did not accompany him and there were many criticisms.

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In fact, many voices asked for his departure from the ambassador club at the end of 2020. That is why Gamero speaks with property about these crises.

“America had three or four heads up and could not define them. Nacional, playing well too, came to him and, at the moment when America was playing better, he scored the other goal. These are circumstances, an example is what to me It happened to me last year, “he reflected.

‘Journalism wanted to get me out’: Gamero

Gamero recalled how his experience was and how he received the support of the directives, to later achieve a subtitle.

“Last year almost 90% of journalism wanted to get me out of Millonarios. So I spoke with Dr. Camacho and Dr. Serpa and they gave me peace of mind, because they knew what I was doing and where we were going. Sometimes that happens. … Now, last semester, when we were eliminated, we made 30 points, the one who qualified made 31, we were sowing something, “he said.



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