A first “Disc golf” course is born in Beauce

A first journey of Golf disc has just been installed at the Bélanger high school, adjacent to the day camp of the municipality of Saint-Martin.

This outdoor activity is very popular with our neighbors to the south and is starting to take hold more and more here in Canada. Here in Quebec, there are about thirty courses.

Based on the rules of golf, it is played using specific discs similar to frisbees, but generally smaller and heavier. These discs are thrown in the direction of a target basket, which serves as a “hole”

« With the pandemic, we had to find new outdoor activities with distancing for our physical education classes, mentions Eric Dallaire, teacher at Polyvalente Bélanger and initiator of the installation project. While researching the subject, we found a world we did not know. There are Disc Golf associations in several places in Quebec, tournaments with scholarships. We met Cédric Gilbert. from Lac-Mégantic, who gave us training in this discipline. Cédric plays at the provincial level and has just signed a sponsorship contract with the manufacturer of DiscGolf Prodigy. Mr. Gilbert also collaborated with the physical education department for the preparation of the course. »

As in golf, there are holes of par 3, 4 or 5 with different discs identified in drivers, mid-range and putters. And of course, it’s about doing the whole course with as few strokes as possible.

« It is a nine-hole course that was developed at the polyvalente Bélanger. The starting areas have not been manufactured yet because we want to involve the students in the completion of the project. This does not prevent participation in the activity. You can go there and enjoy the course », Adds Éric Dallaire.

Disc golf is aimed at children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Night and winter tournaments can also be held. As the Polyvalente Bélanger course is adjacent to the day camp, it will be accessible to children who will attend it for years to come.


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