U.S. media rearranges the 16th draft pick: Simmons No. 1 pick Murray Brown ranks second and third

Original title: US media rearrangement of the 16th draft: Simmons No. 1 pick Murray Brown ranked second and third

On September 14th, Beijing time, BR recently re-ranked the 2106 draft. Simmons still became the No. 1 pick. Jamal Murray and Jaylen Brown were second and Tanhua respectively. The following is the detailed ranking.

1. Ben Simmons (originally No. 1 pick in the first round)

With the end of last season and the Hawks series, Simmons’s image plummeted, and even regarded as a burden to the 76ers. His poor outside shooting ability hasn’t improved after a few seasons. The free throw percentage is also the team’s nightmare. All kinds of performance seem to prove that he is a parallel champion.

But Simmons still has the best physical condition and basketball IQ. He is the main candidate for DPOY and can defend any position. He can grab a rebound in the hands of the center, and then launch a counterattack to the basket, or pass the ball to the opportunity. In the hands of the best teammates.

For Simmons, he doesn’t need to shoot a lot of three-pointers, but he needs to improve his technical shortcomings. Of course, he should also receive some due respect. He is still an All-Star player and has the conditions to become a superstar.

2. Jamal Murray (originally 7th overall in the first round)

The first four seasons of Murray’s career have experienced many ups and downs. After scoring 48 points in 2018, he seemed to disappear from everyone’s eyes. But in the 2020 playoffs, Murray and Mitchell played a legendary series and eventually led the Nuggets to defeat the Jazz.

Since then, Murray’s condition has been relatively stable. He and Jokic have grown into the league’s most threatening duo together. He can organize with the ball and can also find open shots without the ball. He can adapt to various lineups. On the defensive end, although he is not an elite defender, he will not be a loophole for the team. And his offensive ability ceiling is very high, at least when he is on the court at the same time as Jokic, sometimes he is more eye-catching than the MVP performance.

3. Jaylen Brown (originally No. 3 in the first round)

Jaylen Brown may be the most stable player among the 16 rookies. Every season, he can upgrade his arsenal and improve stability and efficiency. His playmaking ability, three-point shooting percentage and defense have all been significantly improved, and he has grown into one of the best wing players in the league.

Brown’s physical fitness is a prerequisite for his ability to keep improving. He can use his height to punish opponents at the same position, and he can also switch players in multiple positions on the defensive end. However, Brown’s free throws are always a problem. He needs to improve his free throw percentage and stability to help him continue to evolve.

4. Domantas Sabonis (original 11th overall in the first round)

For the Pacers, the combination of Sa and Turner is not ideal, which makes Sa seem a little struggling at certain moments. In the past few years, he is like another Jokic, but there is still a big gap in stability.

For Sao Sa, he is more accustomed to appearing at position 5. He can use his footwork and confrontation to put the ball into the basket without worrying about the opponent’s faster player at position 4. He can also be more handy in coordinating, he can use his shooting range to pull the opponent’s big man to the outside, creating more space for himself and his teammates.

5. Brandon Ingram (originally No. 2 overall in the first round)

Compared to what was once expected to be the next Kevin Durant in the Lakers, Ingram’s ability shown in the past few years seems unlikely to be realized, but at the Pelicans, as the core of the team that grew up with Zion, Ingram’s performance is quite remarkable.

Since joining the Pelicans, Ingram’s three-point shooting ability has improved significantly, from the Lakers’ 2 32.9% shooting per game to 2.4 shooting 38.6% per game. The increase in three-pointers is his offense. It brings more possibilities and also greatly improves the efficiency of the game.

6. Pascal Siakam (originally the 27th overall pick in the first round)

7. Fred Van Fleet (lost draft)

8. Malcolm Brogdon (previously No. 36 overall)

9. Barty Hild (original 6th overall in the first round)

10. Jacob Peelter (originally No. 9 in the first round)

11. De Zhangtai-Murray (formerly No. 29 overall in the first round)

12. Ivica-Zubac (formerly No. 32 overall)

13. Callis Le Vere (originally No. 20 in the first round)

14. Alex Caruso (lost draft)

15. Derek Jones Jr. (lost draft)

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