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The warning of the brother of the owner of PSG towards Mauricio Pochettino after replacing Messi against Lyon

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Lionel Messi with Mauricio Pochettino during PSG training. Photo: REUTERS / Piroschka Van De Wouw

It was an image that traveled the world. A decision that generated controversy, but achieved the desired result. When Mauricio Pochettino replaced Lionel Messi by the Moroccan Achraf Hakimi, the coach looked for other options to avoid a new disappointment, given that Lyon imposed resistance and the 1 a 1 seemed unshakable.

The strategist also sent to the field Mauro Icardi instead of Angel Di Maria, and in the third additional minute the forward with past in the Sampdoria and the Inter billed to avoid the catastrophe and seal the 2 a 1 definitive that imposed a blanket of tranquility.

However, the annoyance of the best player in the world, the reactions of the local press and the traditional memes made up a combo that did not go unnoticed. And another of those who took action in the matter was one of the brothers of the owner of the club, who in his social networks sent a suggestive message to the DT after taking out The flea: “London is a beautiful city, you know that.”

Mohammed Khalifa bin Al Thani is familiar to Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar maximum owner of the Parisian entity who invested a fortune to form the team of dreams that is looking for its first Champions League.

Mohammed Khalifa bin Al Thani's message to Mauricio Pochettino
Mohammed Khalifa bin Al Thani’s message to Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino needed an explanation inherent to his role to clarify the apparent rudeness of the best player in the world, when he decided to supplant him to the 30 minutes into the second half of the match in which Paris Saint Germain beat Olympique Lyon 2-1. “Here everyone knows that PSG has great players and a large squad, with 35 members, but cannot be played with more than 11“Said the coach who emerged as a footballer in Newell’s at the post-match press conference. And he argued: “That’s why I always think about what is best for each game and for each player, as all coaches do. Because even if it is obvious, we are here to make decisions that sometimes you may like and sometimes you don’t”.

The coach relieved Messi in the half hour of the second half for the right side Achraf Hakimi. “I asked him how he was and he said fine, so calm down,” replied the DT when asked about the departure of the Rosario star, who did not return the greeting when the coach extended his hand.

Leo played a good first half in which he generated two scoring chances that were deactivated by the goalkeeper Anthony Lopes and the crossbar. The ex Barcelona He always stressed that if he could not play the 90 minutes, he preferred to enter the add-on before it was removed “when the game is about to be defined”. Perhaps Pochettino was unaware of that facet of his Santa Fe countryman. And his decision captured the attention of the planet.


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