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Stadium capacity at 75% but hopefully to return to 100% soon – Sport

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The technical-scientific committee has given its favorable opinion on the increase in capacities for sport and entertainment. It will now be the government to decide how and when to translate the indications of the experts into a provision of law. As far as stadiums and sports halls are concerned, an increase in the maximum capacity of the outdoor facilities to 75% and for those indoors to 50% is to be envisaged, obviously for people with a Green Pass.

Mario Ghiacci president of Allianz basketball Trieste states: “Going from 35 to 50% when other managers of shows, cinemas and theaters, go to 80% from the 50 they were … they have increased 30 to us on 15, I think this is already a problem “.

Alberto Martelossi technical director Apu Udine: “We applaud for a first release of the situation in the hope that a higher percentage can be activated soon, we hope to be able to reach 100% but this is a strong argument from the whole sports world“.

The situation is different for outdoor sports events. According to Mauro Milanese CEO of Triestina calcio, the problem is not the capacity of the stadiums but the gradual elimination of some restrictions such as the possibility of singing, hugging and carrying banners, so it is no longer a sporting event but it is like watching a film at the cinema. .

Satisfaction on the part of Pordenone football which underlines that the goal is to increase attendance at events in parallel with the team’s results.

Alberto Rigotto Administrative Director of Udinese calcio: “Being able to fill it up again represents for us an important outlet and further anchor of salvation for the crates that in this regard begin to cry.

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