Sports festival: associations in the square for healthy lifestyles

LEINI’ – A day to promote sporting activities and healthy lifestyles. ASD Dojo Roccia, ASD Basket Leinì, ASD Leinì Volley, ASD Calcio Leinì, ASD Iwao Ryu, ASD Taekwondo, ASD Artistic Skating, ASD Judo Azzurro, SSD Geco Move, AS Scacchi, Podistisca Leinicese, Pedale Leinicese, Vespa Club, Moto Club Urio Reams, Free Style, Antonella dance, The Gym, Beyond the dance, Project Dance, Academy of Ballet. These are the 20 sports associations and dance schools of Leinici that will be the protagonists, on Sunday 26 September from 10 to 17, at the Festa dello Sport.

Throughout the center of Leini, via Carlo Alberto, piazza Vittorio Ferrero, piazza Ricciolio and piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, technicians, instructors and managers will demonstrate their sporting activities, organize games and tests for young people and adults, in a day of promotion of the sport and psycho-physical well-being. To access the area it is necessary to have a green pass.

«It is nice to think of seeing a large number of Leinian sports associations going down together in the streets of the town – comments the Councilor for Sport, Mauro Caudana -; the goal we set ourselves, already in the months of the lockdown in which we began to meet regularly with all the managers, is precisely to be able to return to an event aimed at citizenship to involve and entice everyone in sports, not only to promote the activities of our Associations, but also to underline the importance of healthy lifestyles ».


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