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Rehearsal rooms too expensive for many bands: the end of the song in the rock house? – Districts – Berlin

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Robert Klages writes from LICHTENBERG:

  • More than 1000 musicians: the rehearsal room center “Rockhaus” houses 180 rehearsal rooms on 3800 square meters. But more and more bands and music teachers are moving out. They currently have to pay 15 euros rent per square meter. And it’s getting more and more expensive: The Berlin Senate agreed a graduated rent with the owner in the summer of 2019. The rent in the Rockhaus increases annually by 1.20 euros per square meter. At that time, Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer (left) had himself celebrated for “saving” the rehearsal area. Because the owner, the Scharfstein Group, wanted to throw out all tenants and turn the Rockhaus into an office building. How to proceed now, who is involved and what problems there are, is in the newsletter, further topics this time including:
  • Last newsletter before the elections: Will it be tight this time for the Left Party and Gesine Lötzsch?
  • Dispute over densification: Linke accuses SPD city councilor Hönicke of “illegal tricks”
  • Job center Lichtenberg loses in court against Trailerpark
  • CDU politician Ribble resigns
  • The BFC dynamo shows its worst side
  • Senate administration rejects pop-up cycle path for Treskowallee
  • He took the famous selfie with Merkel: Anas Modamani lives in Lichtenberg

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Simone Jacobius writes from TREPTOW-KÖPENICK:

  • Sustainable fashion, a women’s center project
  • Bombenentschärfung in Rahnsdorf
  • Laboratory days in the play park reveal future park plans
  • Blocking Treptower Park is not a solution for the left
  • Looking for volunteer helpers for town twinning
  • Kaniswall outdoor laboratory is celebrating its 30th birthday
  • They are simply great: honored high school graduates in the district
  • Captain mural has a new home
  • Demo for securing the way to school
  • Temporary play street in the Kungerkiez
  • Union traveled to Prague with 3000 fans
  • Finally spectators again: BBSC volleyball players play at home

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