Nice-OM: Where is the example? – season

Honestly, by the time the sanctions fall, there was clearly something to fear for worse. The entire Marseille delegation had left the place of the hearing of the disciplinary committee with a closed face, the verdict was long overdue, delayed quarter of an hour by quarter of an hour. We would have liked to pass the pill that we would not have done better. Finally ? The sanctions after this Nice-OM (points less, in camera, suspensions) hit the Niçois more. As a reminder, the Aiglons have one point less in the standings and two games behind closed doors at home while Marseille only deplores individual sanctions, with Pablo Fernandez suspended until the end of the season, Alvaro for two games and Payet for a suspended meeting, while the match will be replayed on neutral ground. However, should we slash the champagne because, for once, OM is not the turkey of the LFP’s farce? Is this verdict more than that?

“The idea is understandable” but …

Already, it is clear that if there is a big winner in this case, it may be Sebastien deneux, the chairman of the disciplinary committee, impeccable in his communication. You may or may not agree with the decisions, but it is complicated to say that your reasoning does not hold water. Somewhere, luckily he’s here. Because we must all the same remember that the president of the League, Vincent Labrune, did not signal him in the day only … to respond to the president of the Spanish League and protect the PSG with a formula that does not ultimately exceed part of the social media troll. Because there is no one left when it comes to signing and carrying the responsibility. Deneux, he took the time to explain his logic. On the Marseille side, Alvaro is the most sanctioned because it is not a response to a received projectile. OK. Payet is sanctioned more for the form (it is up to him to keep to the square so as not to drop the reprieve, which is not won) because his response remains a punishable behavior. OK. The match to be replayed on neutral ground? By the admission of Jacques Cardoze, the communications director of OM “the idea is understandable”. Difficult to say anything else when we exposed a few hours earlier the argument of the number of goals scored by the team coached by Sampaoli in the last quarter of an hour. If nothing says that the Niçois would have imposed themselves under the pretext that they were leading a quarter of an hour from the end, honesty pushes to say that the two Marseille goals in the 84th and 90th were not, either, acquired. That said, as the former journalist of France Television in L’After on RMC, “it lacks exemplarity”.

The goal was not to rule out a competitor but rather to set an example

For the whole evening, for all those throwing bottles at Mandanda and Payet for two hours, for this invasion of the field with supporters who want to do battle, when one of them does not give a Nazi salute, Nice only loses ‘a point. We are far from the crippling sanction that would push Jean-Pierre Rivère to take the bull by the horns by really cleaning his stands. There, the one who made a fool of himself in this story can quietly continue to play politics by brushing in the direction of the hair his most embarrassing ultras. Those who obviously know about American history … The first wish was there, even being a Marseille supporter. The goal was not to sink a direct competitor in the race for Europe. The priority was to make sure never to experience this kind of hallucinating evening again. Even at the Vélodrome, let’s be clear. To send a strong message to all the supporters who want to go beyond the limits. Nowhere should this be allowed any more. Is it a guarantee with just one point less?

And now ?

Sorry to always come back to this, but when it was not Nice-OM but Bastia-Lyon, it was immediately much clearer. The difference is also that there was this pitiful end to a game that resumes with only one team. Which ultimately allows us to say that even more than Kasper Dolberg, the most efficient Niçois of this evening will have been Christian Estrosi, with its influence and its nuisance power. Fortunately, on the Marseille side, there was an adequate response. Another president might have asked the players to resume, ensuring that it would be a plus in the legal field, before recovering. What matters is to have results in this area too and the OM board has had some since the club’s interests are preserved. But the League could have taken the opportunity to make an example, and that’s not the impression that gives. It remains to be seen how this will be received by those who populate the kops behind the goals in Ligue 1 stadiums …




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