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NBA: Limited outings, daily tests …: the restrictions envisaged for those not vaccinated against Covid

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Hurry up. The NBA is trying to finalize, in agreement with the players’ union (NBPA), the anti-Covid health protocol that it wishes to impose for the next regular season (which is due to start on October 19), and which promises to be particularly binding for unvaccinated basketball players, local media reported Tuesday in possession of the memo of the instance.

These resistant players, who currently represent 10% of the League contingent, will be more or less subject to the same restrictions in effect for most of the past season, before the vaccine is available.


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“Level 1” personnel obliged to be vaccinated

They will have to undergo daily tests, during training, travel and match days, unlike vaccinated and so-called “level 1” staff, namely coaches and staff working regularly at less than 4.5 m players and referees. These people are also obliged to be vaccinated, unlike the players.

Vaccinated players and “level 1” staff will only be tested if they show symptoms, are in contact or are required by a member of the team’s medical staff or a league doctor.

In addition, non-vaccinated persons will be prohibited from eating in the same room as another player or “level 1” staff member, and they will be required to keep at least two meters from any other person. They will be assigned a locker as far away as possible from those of other players.

Kyrie Irving (Nets) vs Celtics

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Obligation to stay at the hotel

The teams, to whom the NBA sent a 65-page memo, were also instructed to prevent unvaccinated players from sitting side by side. They will have to stay at home on home match days and at the team hotel for away matches. The only exceptions are team activities and other so-called essentials, such as shopping or taking your children to school.

Other restrictions: Unvaccinated people will not be allowed to go to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, places of entertainment or large indoor gatherings.

The subject of non-vaccination is currently at the heart of debates in the NBA and concerns about fifty players including the stars Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn) and Bradley Beal (Washington). Long skeptical, LeBron James, Lakers superstar, revealed to him to have been vaccinated, while refusing to encourage people to be so because he believes that “it is not (his) job”.


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