Malmoe-Juve, CM’s report cards: Bonucci leader, Morata unleashed | First page

This time Juve makes Juve, Malmoe is little, but the Bianconeri do everything they have to do. Leading tests for Bonucci and Morata, all in all the others too. These are the report cards of

Malmoe-Juventus 0-3

Diawara 6,5: he limits the damage with some courageous outings, Juve breaks through and he has no particular faults.

Ahmedhodzic 5.5: the least bad back there but is taken for a walk by Morata.

Nielsen 4: continuously laundry, gives the penalty that closes the game before the break and then opens the door to Morata.

Brorsson 5: on his side it is very easy to pass.

Berget 5.5: Alex Sandro passes him in front and behind, but at least offers some interesting crosses.

Innocent 5,5: runs a lot and empty, loses the physical duel with Rabiot (30 ‘st Nanasi sv)

Christiansen 6: try to tidy up, preach enough in the desert.

Opponent 5: it lets itself be dominated by Bentacur (14 ‘st Nalic 6: joins the fray)

Rieks 6: Cuadrado is a bad customer, he tries to keep up (30 ‘st Olsson sv)

Birmancevic 5: night of suffering for the swan of Malmoe (14 ‘st Abubakari 5.5: changes little)

Colak 5: it is not seen and not heard.

All. Tomasson 5,5: he did it by bringing Malmoe to the group stage, against Juve there is too much difference.


Szczesny 6: he is not called to a single noteworthy intervention, better that way.

Danilo 6,5: gives safety to the team, allows the change of set-up between defensive and offensive phases.

Bonucci 7: when it has to be set up and is protected on the sides, it has no equal yet.

De Ligt 6: solid performance, an important step to regain certainty, but remedies an avoidable mystery (41 ‘st Rugani sv).

Alex Sandro 7: he has prairies in front of him, he makes the most of them, scores his first goal in the Champions League and even touches the second.

Square 6.5: Bentancur’s spike takes away an assist, on the right it is still an added value (37 ‘st Kulusevski All)

Bentancur 6.5: good performance, keeps pace and controls the pressure. This is the Bentancur that Allegri serves (23 ‘st McKennie 6: need something different to deserve more trust)

Locatelli 6: perhaps a bit imprecise when he has to verticalize, but he protects the defense and gives physicality.

Rabbit 6: he always misses something, but almost nothing is wrong.

Dybala 6.5: he devours a sensational goal at the start, trots without ever increasing too much, but Allegri sews the team around him and he from the spot (even with a bit of luck) makes no mistake. (37 ‘st Ramsey sv).

Morata 7: gives continuity to the beautiful individual test in Naples, creates spaces for everyone and always attacks depth, the goal is a well-deserved prize. In the Champions League with Juve he scores one every two games, an important average (23 ‘st Kean 6: enters with desire, wants to quickly forget Naples. He also finds the goal, but it is disallowed for offside).

All. Allegri 7: this time he does not miss anything, he finds the South Americans and Juve already has another consistency, the square 4-4-2 in the non-possession phase and prepares a 3-5-2 to bypass the midfield to attack. Finding balance and certainty in this way, Malmoe is a small thing but closing a match in the Champions League away after only one half is always a good sign. And Juve needed a good signal, strong and clear.


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