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“I grew up with them basically 8 years ago in the club”

by archysport

Sayago defeated Miramar 105-82. The duel that closed the regular phase of the Metro. After the same, Total Basketball, spoke with Mateo Dogliotti.

Not really. We knew that they were going to make an opponent that was too intense, a close box. They usually play a very physical basketball but the truth is that we were confident that we would be able to win. We knew how to lower their spirits. And then we took good shots, 50% of the balls went in, that’s easier but it’s our credit. We got here with a very strong team. It’s a nice prize to finish the regular phase.”, Mateo made a brief analysis of the game.

And Dogliotti continued explaining where the key to the game was: The key of course is defense, from there we grow and live. We are responsible for all the mistakes we make behind, luckily today we had few. It is one of the things to improve, and one of the shortcomings. Now we have days in a row to carry them out in practice, and see where the mistakes were to make a difference. It is nice to face the Play In, in a better way. Do not lose focus, it is one of the characteristics that we have that complicates us a lot. We are a young team but with the happiness of finishing the regular season like this. Now to enjoy.”

And he not only spoke about the game, but also spoke about his teammates who had the opportunity to enter: It is beautiful, they are guachos that I have known them for a long time. They are younger than us, there are 2003 and 2004 many of those who entered today. And others were my companions. I grew up with them basically 8 years ago in the club, it is divine to see them grow up close to us. The truth is a family and we live it as such.”

Mateo was consulted by Zygimantas Riauka, so he referred to the colleague: “Riauka is one of the family, we raised him here in Sayago, it is already the second season that he is with us and that helps us a lot to have confidence in ourselves because he has his game. He trusts in what we do, he passes the ball to us and asks them to get up to shoot. That elevates our ego.”

And finally, he explains the importance of this point: Today we had to win and we played as such from the beginning. We plan to always push forward. We went out to win from the beginning. Now it will be time to wait and face the game in the best way.”

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