Ecosistema NFL

From September to February the NFL takes over its fans Sunday.

It also extends that impact to Thursday and Monday nights with a game on each of those days.

While Friday and Saturday are careful not to take away from college and high school football, which serve as hotbeds of talent and pillars that sustain interest and popularity.

On Sunday specifically, there is an ecosystem with which the fan remains interested and connected to all the games.

That day, the NFL becomes an authentic multiscreen experience with leagues from ‘Fantasy’, the survival game ‘Survivor’, the Sunday pass ‘Sunday Ticket’ and the ‘Red Zone’ channel, which in Mexico TUDN broadcasts on Blitz during the strip of games that start at noon.

In an era where human attention is averaging seven seconds, the NFL manages to entertain, captivate and engage its fans for several hours on Sunday.

The numbers do not lie and that impressive ecosystem did not go unnoticed by Amazon, the company that according to reports is leading the bidding for the rights to transmit the Sunday Ticket after the 2022-2023 season.

The e-commerce giant already paid $ 1 trillion per year to broadcast Thursday night games exclusively starting next season.

And it is expected that the Sunday Ticket reach a value of 2.5 trillion greenbacks per year.

In a connected world and grid, Amazon is likely to further develop the current digital ecosystem.

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