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Basketball: Women’s FA Cup – Last Minute Sports

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The teams that made it to the quarter-finals of the Basketball Women’s Federation Cup have been announced.

According to the statement made on the website of the Turkish Basketball Federation, Ankara sport Hall and Taha Akgül Sports Hall, after the third day matches, Çeşme Basketball and Rize Belediyespor in Group A, Fenerbahçe Gelişim and BOTAŞ Gelişim in Group B, Ferhatoğlu Edremit Municipality Gürespor and Urla Municipality in Group D, in Group D. Mersin Metropolitan Belediyespor and Emlak Konut advanced to the quarter-finals.

The schedule of the quarter-finals to be played on Thursday, September 30, and the results of the third day of the cup are as follows:

13.00 Çeşme Basketball-BOTAŞ Development

15.15 Fenerbahce Gelisim-Rize Belediyespor

17.30 Ferhatoğlu Edremit Municipality Gürespor-Emlak Konut

19.45 Mersin Metropolitan Belediyespor-Urla Belediyespor

Third day match results:

Karşıyaka Çarşı College-Çeşme Basketball: 74-86

Tarsus Belediyespor-Urla Belediyespor: 52-61

Rize Belediyespor- Antalya Sun: 62-51

Ferhatoğlu Edremit Municipality Gürespor- Uludağ Basket NBSD: 75-56

Bodrum Karya-BOTAŞ Development: 52-63

Emlak Konut-HDI Insurance Yalova VIP: 76-65

Samsun Basketball Specialization-Fenerbahçe Development: 30-80

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