América beat Deportivo Cali on date 9: Juan Carlos Osorio’s balance after 0-1 | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Coach Juan Carlos Osorio once again had a quiet weekend after America won 0-1 at the Palmaseca stadium, partially returning to the group of eight.

Regarding the absence of its most experienced and unbalancing players, Osorio pointed out that “we have always defended that there is an idea of ​​the game that we respect, with which we identify and try to improve every day, obviously there are those who execute it better than others, but within the responsibility that we have with America, with the club, with our fans, is to consolidate players within that idea. Experts say that it takes five days to recover from an effort like Wednesday’s, taking care of this physiological reason and taking care of it, we made the decision to refresh, rest, de-stress some of our most representative players ”.

Regarding the young people he had on the court, he stated: “Today was the opportunity for three who must soon be the future of America: Émerson, Carlos Manuel and Yaliston. It is very important to win a classic on their court without our most representative players so that precisely those who come from the bottom learn and get used to playing this type of game, we are happy for them. Second, I must highlight Larry (Angulo), we have spent two months of individualized work to protect him and that he can perform to his potential, I believe that today he was undoubtedly the most influential player on a macro level, in the collective performance of the team , the pause, untangling the game, its competitiveness at ground level and in aerial football I think we are facing one of the best midfielders in Colombian football and we are building a great team ”.

Regarding the important tactical aspects, he highlighted: “It was up to us to decide which game structure to use and in the end we opted for a defense of three plus two midfielders or wings, in the case of Yaliston and Geovan, both performed very well, the team performed very well. well. Already in the second half, with that result in our favor, fears play a role against our players and we decided to include Cristian and Elvis, who gave the team the strength to endure, to compete and to continue playing against a great rival. . I want to highlight the great work of Gustavo Torres, he surprised us, not only because of the possibility of playing defense-attack transitions with him, but also because of his speed and power to compete and always try to get the ball back ”.

Osorio concluded that “the continuity that we gave to the idea of ​​the game and the structure of the game, I think that obviously and very deservedly both Geovan and Yaliston complied, and when Cristian and Elvis entered, they obviously gave another level to the team, it was a correct structure for give new players a chance ”.

América will visit Cali again in the second leg of the BetPlay Cup quarterfinals and on the tenth date of the League they will host Jaguares on Saturday 18 (4:00 pm).

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
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