Japan, which has already decided to advance to the quarter-finals, will defeat Turkey, which is 4th in the Rio de Janeiro tournament in 2016, and will advance to the final tournament in 2nd place with 4 wins and 1 loss in the first league.

Kasai, a veteran who scored the most 22 points for both teams, renewed his feelings, “I don’t want to be overwhelmed by passing second place, but I want to take a good rest tomorrow and head for the quarterfinals.”

Japan allowed an eight-point lead in the early stages, but after that, they closed the first quarter (Q) at 9-12, such as by closing the gap by one point with an internal angle shot from Kasai. Even in the 2nd quarter, he made a rhythm of attack from a solid defense and won, leading 28-27 by 1 point and returning to the first half.

In the second half, the offensive and defensive movements were developed. Japan, who allowed consecutive goals in the early part of 3Q, chased after, but in the final stage, they caught up with a 3-point shot and turned around with Furusawa’s shot to reach the final Q. The competition continued in the 4th quarter, but due to Kasai’s success, Japan pushed out at once with less than 3 minutes remaining. Kasai, who decided the steel at the important stage in the final stage, said, “(Steel) is always aiming”, and after keeping in mind the fatigue level of the opponent and the distance of the pass, “While watching the situation, this is When I asked if I could go, I felt like I got it, “he said calmly.

The quarterfinals will take place on September 1st.