Timberwolves bid for Simmons but may need a 3-way trade

Ben Simmons and his possible exit from the 76ers continue to make people talk. After being very prominent in the last playoffs, transfer rumors have not stopped happening and mentioning different franchises, and the Minnesota Timberwolves have been one of them. According to Jon Krawczynski, a journalist from The AthleticThey have been trying to reach an agreement with Philadelphia to get the point guard for some time, but both parties are still far from understanding each other.

The 76ers do not intend for the Australian’s departure to be a step backwards in sports and they want to remain aspiring to everything, so, in case of releasing Simmons, they want to do it in exchange for players of immediate impact. However, it seems that the Wolves lack players of this profile that they are willing to give in the operation, which has led to a stalemate in the negotiations. According to Krawczynski himself, everything indicates that the Minneapolis team will need a third team if they want to execute the transfer, as it would be their only way to equip Philadelphia with the type of players they are looking for.

The Timberwolves have recently seized the services of Patrick Beverley, a man the journalist also points to as a possible part of the potential trade. The point guard, characterized throughout his career by his defensive intensity, already coincided with Doc Rivers in the Clippers and could be of interest to the Pennsylvania team, although it seems obvious that he would be a complement in a package that needs pieces of a much higher profile. If you want to get the approval of the 76ers.

(Cover photo: Andy Lyons / Getty Images)


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