Motto: “I take a wonderful group with me that helped me to enjoy basketball back” | Argentina League

Leo Lema arrived as a luxury reinforcement to Unin. He finished as MVP in the finals against Villa Miter to achieve promotion. Dialogue with Pick & Roll about everything that happened.

“We knew that, although the first two games we had won well, they had not shown their best version. In the third and fourth games they showed their best side and became very competitive. That’s where they complicated us when they felt comfortable. and they played with a lot of volume of passes they did it very well ”

“We tried to make them never feel comfortable, that they would never enter the game, at times we did well, at times not because they also play well. the title “

“In the first two games the rotation was super important. In defense they congested the area well that sometimes we want to put the ball around. The same when they start defending the area, the truth is that it complicated us a bit. The first two games With the rotation and the intensity that we gave to the game, it was very good. In the third year, I couldn’t do it like running the court, which was what made us feel more comfortable. ”

The forward spoke of his role, his finals, added to what he took from the club and his future

“I was pretty calm, maybe in the playoffs they weren’t our best games. The work I was doing and what the team needed I was accomplishing. In the final I put the chip on being more aggressive towards the basket, to collect marks. and download. I put myself in that role to achieve what we achieved ”

“The human group was incredible. With the topic of the pandemic to the club, I could not know much about it and its people. Over the first week that I arrived I had the virus and I was isolated for a week and I could not train. a wonderful group that helped me a lot this month and a half to enjoy basketball back “

“It meant something very big for being my first title. The truth is that individually I had had good years but you get caught by the bug of wanting to win things and it is my first tournament so I am happy and content. As for my future I do not have much in clear but no longer in Athens ”

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