Leontýnka Plekancová. Who is the girl just like?

Hockey player Tomáš Plekanec it’s shining again. After a difficult divorce from Lucie Vondráčková (41), he is happy not only with the second fateful Lucie in a row, tennis player Šafářová (34), but also with her daughter, who seems to have lost sight of her mother. However, she inherited her approach to life from her father. “Leonty’s is just stubborn and active after her father,” Lucie Šafářová told iDnes.

When asked what Tomáš’s father is like, she spared no compliments: “Tomáš is great, he often surprises me how much he knows and can do with children. He can be seen to have experience. “

Lucie is enjoying her new role as a mother: “I was surprised at how much love a person feels for a child. I expected it to be beautiful, and I was looking forward to the little one, but it exceeded all my expectations. “ revealed

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The good news is that Šafářová also found her way to both boys from Plekance’s first marriage. Adam and Matthias spend a lot of time with their sister, dad and Safarova.

Luck was also visited by the heart of Vondráčková. She recently confirmed her relationship with Petr Vojnar (45), and if it’s not just a rumor that is supposed to draw the public’s attention to the new single I Need a Break, there is also a potential possibility that little Vojnarová would come to the world of show business.

Uncombed and without make-up: This is how Lucka Vondráčková goes to the company!



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