Laia Palau has not retired, she plays in Girona

Laia Palau crying after the defeat of the Spanish team against France

«Laia he retires without a medal, “the newspaper headlined yesterday Brand in a small section of its cover. And, jumping from Madrid a Barcelona, Jordi Basté he tweeted on Wednesday: “Maybe today we remember a lot of Laia Palau and we thank her so much.” Is that so? The Spanish team was eliminated from the Olimpic games and will Laia Palau never play basketball again? No, he has not retired, he plays a Girona. By the time he turns 42, it is certainly very likely that the Barcelona base will not play any more Olympic Games. But that, too, must be left to her to decide and announce herself. “Now I will not talk about my retirement, because my head will explode with emotions,” said Palau minutes after the defeat against France in the quarterfinals. But what is certain is that, in just over a month, anyone who wants to see Laia Palau play will only have to go to Girona. Get close to Fontajau to see the matches of uni. “Hey, we’ll enjoy Laia next season in Fontajau!” Don’t miss it and subscribe to the Spar Girona “, the president of the Uni wrote yesterday morning on his social networks, Cayetano Perez, to remind that, beyond the media claim of the Olympic Games, Laia Palau will continue in Girona. And by the way, like her, many of the best players in the world will pass by Fontajau on Thursdays in the matches of the Euroleague and on Sundays at Women’s League.

The American team will win the gold medal of Tokyo 2020? Yes. It is more than likely. But even more true is that one of its main stars, Chelsea Gray, has played all season in Fontajau with Laia Palau or one Sonja Vasic who also has numbers to say goodbye to basketball by winning an Olympic medal with Serbia. From the team of United States, Gray aside, great references like Breanna Stewart, Britnney Griner, Diana Taurasi O Jewell Lloyd they have passed through Fontajau in recent years. Same with France, because the regulars of the Girona pavilion did not even “discover” Sandrine Gruda ni Marine Johannnes (nor, even less so, the former Union Gabby Williams) in Wednesday’s Spanish defeat. And the same could be said with the other major teams starting with the Spanish with Sílvia Domínguez, Alba Torrens, S By Shakira Eau Florale or bescanonine Queralt Casas. Beyond the Games, the reality is that when the League returns in September and, later, the Euroleague, a good handful of the now protagonists of the Olympic event will continue to play in Fontajau. Either because they are part of the Uni, like Palau, or because they play in teams like Ekaterinburg, Fenerbahce, Sopron, Perfumeries Avenida, Valencia or so many others that, little by little, they have become teams well known to the usual Fontajau.

“This oasis that involves basketball teams is over,” the sports director of Spar Girona also reflected on the networks. Pere Puig, recalling that “the positive part of an Olympic Games is that they give a lot of visibility to women’s basketball and that makes more people know it. The downside is that we go back to reality to get out Teledeporte the FEB (hence the clubs) pays for the production of the matches. That is, we pay to go on TV. Pere Puig knows exactly what he is talking about. Women’s sport is not easy when it moves away from the media heat of events such as the Olympic Games, but, in particular, Uni Girona has done a good enough job to ensure that the first-class show in Fontajau is guaranteed. for at least one more season. And starring Laia Palau. Because, certainly Laia Palau has not retired, she plays in Girona.




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