Korean men ask to withdraw triple gold from An San for being “a short-haired feminist”

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Several people have called for the withdrawal of the three gold medals that the South Korean An San has achieved in the archery category because they consider it to be “a short haired feminist“.

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Some men have demanded from the Korea Archery Association that annuls the three gold metals with a hard macho attack against the 20-year-old athlete who managed to reach several Olympic records.

The despicable comments against An San were produced in a forum, without hesitation to charge against her. The criticisms were based on reproaching him that he had short hair and that “goes to an all-female college“.

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“He has short hair, he goes to an exclusive university for women, use slang that hate men, wears badges commemorating the Seoul ferry incident and is a fan of the South Korean girl group Mamamoo, “a user denounces on social media.

Some people asked him on his Instagram account that “Why did you cut your hair short?“, something that did not sit well with the South Korean athlete and to which she responded sharply with a”because it is convenient“.

She herself was the one who denounced the harassment received on social networks when other users did not hesitate to insult her after her Olympic victories in archery, calling her “disabled whore“A line that has led to a public campaign against An San with the aim of trying to get the South Korean federation to withdraw the metals obtained in the Tokyo Olympics.

After the complaint went viral, many people have turned to the South Korean athlete and have asked the Korean Archery Association to defend the three-time Olympic champion in Tokyo 2020 publicly and that take legal action against attackers.

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