Insigne and Portuguese Nunes, Benítez’s candidates to replace James at Everton, Premier | Premier League

James Rodríguez has had one foot out of Everton for a long time, but enough to find a replacement for him now, when he is still part of the club?

For Rafa Benítez there is a rush and, more than anything, little intention of having the Colombian. That does not mean that he does not want to have a link, which is why, according to press rumors, he already has two players in his portfolio.

The press in Italy speaks this Wednesday of possible approaches with Insigne, European champion and who would already have a cycle completed in Naples. His advantage with the coach of the ‘toffee’ is that they have known each other since the days of both in the team and they maintain a good relationship. The point is that he still has a one-year contract and, as apparently it is fashionable to sign for free, the option would be to wait until June.

However, Inter Milan and Atlético de Madrid are also interested in the player and that would make betting on patience a great risk. Of course, it is worth saying that he is still a 30-year-old player valued at 48 million euros. It might be good to wait …

In any case, that would be the reason to think of a plan B which, according to the Portuguese newspaper Record, would be the Brazilian Matheus Nunes, a 22-year-old midfielder, today at Sporting Lisbon. The Portuguese would sell it for 20 million euros, an affordable figure for the Everton leadership.

James is still in isolation and will not be available but the world around him continues to roll and Benítez shows no signs of wanting to wait for him.



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