In Catalonia they assure that Barcelona makes one last offer to Messi

Information emerges between roosters and midnight. When all of Spain, Catalonia included, begins to sleep, a new page is written in the agonizing and painful farewell to Lionel Messi of the Barcelona: “Barsa makes one last offer to Messi”.

As reported by the Catalan program La Portería on its Twitter account, “the Argentine and the club negotiate an offer at dawn that comes after the farewell. Barça’s option is not completely closed,” they report and point out that the interlocutor would not be Joan Laporta, but Ferran Reverter, nothing less than the CEO of the Catalan club.

Despite the early hours of the morning, the news exploded like a bomb and caused some annoyance among the Qatari sheiks who own Paris Saint Germain, who already consider the arrival of the crack to the French team closed. To the point that his spokesmen came out to answer: “A message for some journalists who seek false emotions. Things are 100% fixed. Messi at Paris Saint-Germain. It is not necessary to play with the emotions of the great Barcelona fans“wrote Khalifah Bin Hamad Al Thani, one of the members of the millionaire dynasty that owns Paris Saint Germain.

The news never ceases to amaze. Above all, taking into account that just a few hours before, around 7 in the morning on Argentine Sunday, Lionel Messi exposed himself to the eyes of the whole world and showed his sadness at the imminent farewell from the club to which he reached his 13 years and with which he achieved 35 titles. In addition, as Leo himself said, there he raised his family with Antonela Roccuzzo and raised his children, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. “I did everything to stay,” he said.

After Messi’s official farewell at the Camp Nou, Paris was revolutionized with the possible arrival at the Parc des Princes. It was said that on Monday, Lionel would land in the city and have a medical check-up at the Sanatorio de Las Americas. The foam dropped when a paparazzi published a video of the Argentine in a bathing suit enjoying the pool of his house in Casteldefels. There it became clear that, at least on Tuesday, there will not be a mega presentation at the Eiffel Tower, as had been speculated.

In the early hours of European Tuesday, Clarín was able to find out that Messi would not travel to Paris until his contract was fully closed. Which made it clear that everything was coming at a good pace although it was not closed. The link between Messi and the club that hires him does not close in two hours. The progress of the new link that was going to unite him once again to Barcelona lasted for several weeks until reaching the frustrated outcome of last Thursday.

And now there would be few points that would have to be fixed before the signing. There are important asterisks that have to do with image rights and with the commercial commitments assumed by the Argentine. Perhaps the most conflictive is the one he has with the German brand Adidas since Messi will be the most important image of PSG, dressed by his greatest competitor: Nike. The same happened with Barcelona. All these issues are turned on the negotiating table and are scrutinized by the lawyers of both parties before shaking hands.

The image of Messi in a bathing suit enjoying his last hours in his home in Casteldefels shows that the only hurry to close Leo’s contract is PSG. Especially since it did not take long for competitors to emerge. One of them is the powerful Chelsea, current European champion. But also an unexpected one, like Atlético de Madrid, which would reach Leo more through the heart (since his friend Luis Suárez is the 9th of Simeone’s team) than through his pocket. If true, this offer from Barcelona could be a stone in the Qatari sandal.

Barcelona’s supposed offer comes between roosters and midnight and after President Laporta began to receive criticism from fans. The boss of the Catalan club returned to the presidency as the letter that guaranteed the continuity of the emblem of the club and the city. Perhaps that has played a role. Or maybe the millions that the club, the city and the whole of Spain will lose due to the Argentine’s departure. For so much? Thanks to Leo, Barcelona received 230 million euros in sponsors. And, his contract with Nike, assured him 103 million that could become 155. Not to mention the Spanish Treasury that will stop receiving 50 million euros a year.

“I lowered my contract to 50 percent and they didn’t ask me to do anything else,” Messi said when asked if he could have made a more effort. It will be necessary to see if this new offer is real or is it a bluff from Laporta and company so as not to be left as those responsible for the departure of the prodigal son from the city.




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