Foreign Media Discusses Greysia Polii’s Action to Change Rackets During Match


Greysia Polii, together with Apriyani Rahayu, managed to present a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for Indonesia. In that decisive match, one of the moments that stole the attention was when Greysia changed rackets in the middle of the match.

Greysia Polii’s moment of changing rackets occurred in the second game, when she and Apriyani had an 18-10 advantage over the Chinese women’s doubles Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan.

Greysia apparently noticed the strings of her racquet had broken and rushed to the sidelines to get a new racquet and returned to the court, when she saw that it was possible.

After Greysia took the racket and came back again, Apriyani was able to cover the field from the opponent’s attack. Even the Red and White pair at that time were also able to win the rally to increase their lead to 19-10.

The scene of changing rackets in the middle of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics final also became an interesting topic of discussion, especially Greysia/Apriyani then also managed to present a historic gold medal for Indonesia from the women’s doubles number.

“Tokyo Olympics: Indonesia’s Greysia Polii changing rackets in the middle of a rally, before winning badminton gold,” wrote the British media BBC in the title of an article.

Canadian media, National Post, also gave a similar title. “Indonesia rose from a broken racquet string to win its first Olympic gold medal in women’s doubles.”

Insider, the media which has its headquarters in New York, USA, did not want to lose to discuss. “A badminton player changes racket during the fight for points, still gets points, and also a gold medal.”

Even The Sun also discussed the racket changing scene from Greysia Polii at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics final, in the typical style of the British media.

“Tokyo Olympics: Watch badminton stars run off the court IN THE MIDDLE OF Rally to change rackets and still amazingly win points,” said The Sun discussing Greysia Polii’s action.





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