ATP – Washington> Roddick would like to see more Sampras at Sinner

A keen observer of the Washington tournament in which Jannik Sinner qualified for the semi-finals, Andy Roddick spoke about the young Italian and was kind enough to analyze his strengths and weaknesses as well as his room for improvement. For the American, the protege of Riccardo Piatti must be a little more subtle, especially on his stake.

“First of all, I would like him to be more tempered at times and keep the ball in play on the backhand, rather than trying to force and look for the winning shot on every point. However, his backhand is one of his strengths, so it’s something he should work on very diligently. Second, I would like to see a little more direction, effect in his service, what I call “the shadow of Sampras”. You can serve at 210km / h, but if the ball is coming straight towards you, it is easy for the opponent to straighten it. But if you have this thing that Pete had, being able to serve at 200km / h, but at the last moment the ball crashes and changes direction, that makes it very, very difficult. for the opponent. “


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