[국제]Taiwan escorts fighters to all-time high-performing squad


Taiwan escorted the return trip of its athletes, who achieved the best record in Olympic history, with fighter jets.

A large amount of prize money was also given to medal winners.

Correspondent Kim Jung-Hye.


Athletes enter the cabin in turn.

The flight attendants applaud and welcome the boarding.

At the same time, preparations for a fighter sortie were in full swing in Taiwan.

The pilots received the instructions and set out one after another to sortie.

On the 4th, the Taiwan Air Force escorted fighter jets to welcome the national team that participated in the Tokyo Olympics.

It was an order from President Tsai Ing-wen to express his appreciation and encouragement to the athletes who achieved the best performance in Olympic history.

When the planes carrying the squadron entered the airspace, the fighters escorted them in formations two on each side of the plane and fired flash bombs.

The delegation returning to Korea on that day included Li Yang, who won gold medal in the men’s badminton doubles by defeating China, and Wang Qilin, and Dai Ziying, who won a silver medal in the women’s singles event.

Foreign media believe that this welcome from the Taiwanese government also contributed to the seat problem that occurred when the team departed last month.

At that time, players sitting in economy class and officials sitting in business class were posted on social media, and the sports chief Zhang Shao-shi expressed his resignation and criticized President Tsai.

Meanwhile, Yonhap reported that the medal winners will receive a large amount of prize money, including about 820 million won for a gold medal, about 280 million won for a silver medal, and about 200 million won for a bronze medal.

At the Tokyo Olympics, the Taiwan Olympic Athletes have achieved the best performance ever in the history of participating in the Olympic Games.

This is YTN Kim Jung-hoe.

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