unbeaten Senago, Crocetta, Modena, Oltretorrente and Longbridge »

A phase of the match between Athletics Bologna and Lancers Lastra a Signa

© Lauro Bassani (PhotoBass)

There are five undefeated teams, Senago and Crocetta (group A, the latter played only one match at Kennedy against Milan), Modena and Oltretorrente (group C), Longbridge (group D), after the first day of the Serie A 2021 salvation poule.

GROUP A – Important sweep of the Senago on the diamond of Campidonico Torino (2-6, 2-4) after two beautiful and exciting races between the two rivals. Farma Crocetta Parma wins in comeback (2-10) at the “Kennedy” after the double initial advantage of Milano Garadue was not played due to impracticability of the field after a violent storm. Ecotherm Brescia and Settimo Torinese share the stakes (3-1 and 0-1).

GROUP B – A victory each between Metalco Castellana and Itas Mutua Rovigo, who wins in the first duel after a final comeback (5-8 and 6-4 in the 5th due to rain). Equal and draw also between Tecnovap Verona and Ronchi, one of the most anticipated challenges of the opening round. The Julian panthers win 6-0 in game one, but there is the Veronese redemption in the second match. And finally the post office Bolzano and Sultan Cervignano split up (0-8, 12-2 to 8th).

GROUP C – The Comcor Modena of Malagoli immediately protagonist at the expense of Fontana Ermes Sala Baganza beaten 0-11 (8th) and 8-11 (in the 11th inning). Ciemme Oltretorrente made its debut in the second phase with a brace (5-4 and 6-1) at the expense of Erba Vita New Rimini, which in the first match only surrendered to the tie-break. Finally, OM Valpanaro Athletics and Panamed Lancers draw (6-3 and 0-2).

GROUP D – The key match of the first round of the salvation poule between Ecopolis Bbc Grosseto and Red Sox Paternò ends in a draw. In the first duel played at Jannella, the Maremma team won in comeback (5-1), while Paternò brought home a moderate but important success (6-5). On the other hand, Longbridge Bologna leaps to the top of the group and takes a single bite of Fiorentina at “Cesare Vita” (0-11 and 4-12). One by one in the Lazio derby between WiPlanet Montefiascone and Academy Nettuno (4-3 and 1-10). Ivano Licciardi’s Falisci solved the first very balanced match at 9th, the Academy just needs another great test by Ronmel Gonzalez (3 valid and 14 strike-outs) to redeem the knockout of game 1.


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