The COOLEST comfortable combinations to get back to the office

It is a fact: during the return to the new normal, the workshop looks will be comfortable and practical, or they won’t be! Because, if one thing is true, it is that the quarantine brought with it something beyond the endless DIY projects, the changes of outfits crazy, remote social gatherings and remote work; It also brought us closer to a new work lifestyle that definitely vindicates the way in which one works.

But the pandemic not only transformed our work rhythm and dynamics, it also transformed the demands of our combinations preferred! So now that comfort and practicality are at the fore, we have decided to review the more comfortable and stylish office looks that are currently in trend.

Straight jeans + statement mules

Inside the combinations comfy more casual but ideal for office, the statement mules they elevate the look of those simple straight jeans that have been flooding our closets lately.

Now, this shoe, which is characterized by covering the forefoot and exposing the heel, is key to achieving a comfortable look but with formal overtones. The best thing is that regardless of whether you bet on a low version or prefer them with a bit of a heel, they will be the most comfortable that you can choose.



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