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Play, set and shift?

According to information from “WELT”, two games in Wimbledon are suspected of being manipulated! Due to conspicuous betting stakes, various providers sounded the alarm!

Suspected manipulation at Wimbledon!

This suspicion was confirmed by monitoring companies. Such companies keep an eye on the betting market. The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) is also on the alert, but has not yet commented on it.

According to “WELT”, among other things, a men’s doubles in the 1st round is suspected. Here, with several providers, noticeably high live bets were placed on a loss of the favorites. They won the first set and then lost the game. Here the time and amount of the stakes indicated a possible manipulation.

The second affected game took place with German participation. At the end of the second set, five-digit sums were placed on the exact result in the third set, as well as “special bets” on the maximum number of service games. Both bets came true.

The German’s opponent is suspected here. However, neither the relevant national associations nor the Wimbledon organizers have yet commented, but merely referred to the ITIA. It is the presumption of innocence.



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