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PSG: no risk with internationals

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Without any real preparation last summer, Paris Saint-Germain suffered physically throughout the season. Coach Mauricio Pochettino is therefore keen to do what is necessary this year, even if it means depriving himself of certain internationals for a few matches upon resumption.

“This time, we have started a pre-season with more time to be able to work with a lot of players, rejoiced the Argentinian questioned by the PSG media. For other players, we may have to think about not having them play the first official matches so that they can prepare well, so that they feel fresh and strong during the season, and so that what happened last year does not happen again. “

“It’s a huge job in which we focus on individualizing the work of each player so that we can have the players in the form we want throughout the season,” explained Pochettino, careful with the elements. who will return from vacation a little later.

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