Mancini’s Men’s Chair Stolen by England Fans in Euro 2020 Final

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Men’s chair Roberto Mancini, Andrea, has been stolen by a non-ticketed England Fan in the final Euro 2020 (Euro 2021) at Wembley Stadium.

Andrea was forced to watch the first round match between Italy vs England at Wembley steps after his seat was taken by a spectator who did not have a ticket.

The highlight of Euro 2020 was marred by ticketless supporters forcing their way through security and breaking down the entrance to Wembley Stadium.

As a result, a number of fans who had tickets, including the families of players or coaches that night had to lose their seats because they were occupied by intruders. One of them is Andrea Mancini, son of Italian coach Roberto Mancini.

The 28-year-old arrived at Wembley hoping to watch his father lead Italy to victory from the stands, but when he entered Wembley Stadium he found his seat already occupied.


“There was chaos with fans without tickets and my seat was taken, so I had to watch the first half sitting on the steps of the stadium,” Andrea Mancini told Sky Sport Italia. Sports Bible.

“I found another place in the second half. Maybe it brought luck.”

Although his seat was stolen, Andrea was happy to see his father managed to lead Italy to win Euro 2020 after beating England on penalties.

“Life always offers second chances and destiny opens history with dad,” he continued.

“It’s been a long journey, Italy dominated almost every game during the Euros. I haven’t met him, I spoke to him yesterday and he is very happy. He has created an incredible team.”

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