Florentino Pérez, after his resignation as president of Real Madrid in 2006: “Raúl and Casillas are two big scams”

El Confidencial exclusively accesses several audios of the white president after his departure from the Club 15 years ago

On February 27, 2006, Florentino Pérez resigned as president of Real Madrid as a result of a serious sports and institutional crisis that led to the end of the so-called ‘galacticos’ of the white team. «
I have spoiled the squad “, Perez analyzed then as a cause of the sporting decline of the Figo, Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo or Raúl, among others.

The newspaper ‘El Confidencial’ publishes, 15 years later, an audio -there will be more throughout the week- that
reveals the opinion of Florentino Pérez at that time about the squad. In this first episode he harshly criticizes two Real Madrid legends: Raúl and Casillas. The first of them was already the captain in 2006, the year in which the audio broadcast by this newspaper was produced, the second was the starting goalkeeper and one of the heavyweights of the locker room. «Casillas is not a goalkeeper for Real Madrid, what do you want me to tell you? It is not. It has never been. It has been the great failure that we have had. What happens is that you have those who adore him, love him, talk to him, I don’t know – in reference to the sports press. They defend him so much … Well, it is one of the great scams and the second is Raúl.
The two great scams of Madrid are first Raúl and second Casillas ».

The day these audios come out,
Raúl and Casillas hold important positions at Real Madrid. Above all, the first. The forward is the coach of Real Madrid Castilla and sounded strong last June to replace Zidane at the head of the Real Madrid bench. Pérez, then, accused him of “destroying” that “galactic” wardrobe and causing his resignation. Casillas is not spared either. The goalkeeper, who occupies a high position in the management of the Real Madrid Foundation, was not good enough in the eyes of the president who saw him as a protégé of the sports press.

Florentino Pérez’s feeling for footballers at that time has not changed much in light of recent cases in the renovations of Cristiano Ronaldo, first, and Sergio Ramos, last year.
«Players are very selfish, you can’t count on them at all and whoever does count on them is wrong, they leave you stranded, it’s silly. I have a horrible concept of players, “Florentino Pérez said then, according to the aforementioned newspaper. 15 years later, perhaps it is better understood because the negotiations between Pérez and Cristiano or Ramos never came to fruition.

They are not the only ‘pearls’ of the current president of Real Madrid, who returned to the Club in 2009 after winning the elections without rivals. According to ‘El Confidencial’,
Florentino Pérez also attacks the sports press and points to journalists critical of his management.




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