FC Barcelona: More shadows in Bartogate: eliminated evidence and manipulated reports

EThe legal process of the so-called Bartogate continues its course and little by little more details about the investigation are being known. Following the statements from three I3Ventures workers, a company that was in charge of monitoring and discrediting people who were against Bartomeu or the club, and to whom this newspaper has had access, it has been learned that said company hid evidence by emptying and formatting their computers at the same time as closing workers’ emails.

In addition, MBR and OPS, two of the respondents, claim that a computer scientist came from South America to check if information had come out of the company. The reason for these actions, as they were explained, was that they had received a computer attack, but all the workers agree that These measures were produced according to the Bartogate affair. All of them had to sign confidentiality documents about the work they did.

Laporta’s reaction to BartoGate: “We have the utmost respect for judicial proceedings”

Two of the workers saw Jaume Masferrer, one of the accused in this case, on several occasions at the I3Ventures offices. PAHO emphasizes that constant imaging studies of Bartomeu and that they appeared with greater assiduity even than those of the club itself. And he also admits that reports were made on the candidates for the elections Vctor Font, Joan Laporta and Toni Freixa.

The statements of these three workers are relevant in the sense that they make it clear that information about the activities was deleted of these companies. MBR assured that reports were modified before handing them over to PWC, the company in charge of carrying out the audit for Barcelona.

In view of the fact that new information and statements continue to appear, the judge has decided to extend the instruction for another six months.




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