Average major league baseball career: 5.6 years

Would you like to retire early? How does a 1 year career sound? The average career of a major league baseball player is 5.6 years, according to a new study from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Every fifth position player (non-pitchers) only have a single-year career, the researchers found. And at any time during a player’s career, the likelihood is only about at least 11 percent.

Results of the study will be in the August issue of the journal Population Research and Policy Reviewreleased.

The study looked at career statistics of 5,989 position players played 33,272 man-years in the majors from 1902 to 1993. Jugs have been excluded because of their unique positions, career volatility, and propensity for injury.

“Everyone knows that Major League Baseball is highly competitive,” said former CU Boulder graduate student William Witnauer, who worked on the study. “But as Americans enjoying this year’s all-star game, they now have a definite answer to the average length of a baseball career.”

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