Actor Klem on dying Potměšila († 75): The wife was his mouth

He underwent four spine surgeries due to bone cancer. Irradiation even burned his vocal cords. Still, he didn’t give up. “He tried, first he walked on a walker, then his wife Jája rode him in a wheelchair, but for the last three quarters of the year he was just lying down. He must have suffered terribly, “he entrusted the daily Aha! Klemwho with Potměšil befriended from studies, ie 57 years.

Ladislav Potměšil died. And the fans went to Janda due to vaccination

Last call

According to him, the cancer first appeared in the lower part of the spine. “And then it expanded into the lungs, where a tumor formed, and then it spread everywhere,” sighed Potmesil’s colleague, who had been calling his friend lately. They talked about their illnesses, that Klema was facing knee surgery, they were just gossiping. “Last time – I estimate it’s three Sundays – I called him, he was still at home, and he told me he couldn’t talk. And he gave me his wife Jaya. The tumor pressed against his lungs, preventing him from breathing and speaking. He suffocated, “Klem revealed.

Talking mediator

“Then Jaya was not only his legs and arms, but also his mouth. She was his talking mediator. He heard me say what she said, and she was responsible for him. He was already under morphine and was suffering like an animal, “the actor sighed. “Death was a deliverance for him,” Klem said.

Ladislav Potměšil († 75), the star of Disco Story and Major Maisner, died! He has suffered in recent years

Wife as a guardian angel

On the other hand, Klem has to admit that Potměšil left actually happy. “In Újezd ​​nad Lesy they bought such a terraced house with a front garden and Láďa loved it there. Beautiful place, nice town, nice people. Especially for Jája it was nice there. Because as the disease progressed, she was alone in everything. And there she had everything at hand, “explains Klem. And he emphasizes that his wife Jaroslava Brousková (70) was Lada’s guardian angel. “She was literally a gift from heaven to him,” says the actor.




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