Unlike Ronaldo, Yarmolenko-Lukaku Act Funny About Coca-Cola – Andriy Yarmolenko and Romelu Lukaku also reacted to Coca-Cola bottles during a press conference at Euro 2020.

Coca-Cola which incidentally sponsored the tournament received special attention in this edition of the European Cup.

This started with Cristiano Ronaldo’s actions during a press conference ahead of the Portugal vs Hungary national team in the Euro 2020 Group F match, Monday (14/6/2021).

CR7 at that time looked unhappy with the presence of two bottles of Coca-Cola in front of him.

The megastar also shifted the bottle of coke to the other side of the table so as not to be caught by the camera, then showed off the water.

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This is understandable because Ronaldo is an athlete who really takes care of his physical condition and has a healthy diet.

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In fact, CR7 once said that he forbade his children not to consume soft drinks.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s actions are like infecting other footballers at Euro 2020.

One of them was Paul Pogba, who moved Heineken beer bottles from the press conference table after the France vs Germany national team match, Wednesday (16/5/2021).

However, many people consider the cause of the action to be different because it is based on Pogba’s Muslim belief.

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The act of shifting the Euro 2020 sponsored drink bottles is increasingly becoming a trend with Manuel Locatelli taking part.

The Italian national team midfielder did so during a press conference after his team faced Switzerland on Thursday (17/6/2021).

Just like Ronaldo, Locatelli took action by sliding the Coca-Cola bottle so that it would not be highlighted by the camera.

It didn’t stop there, this time Andriy Yarmolenko and Romelu Lukaku also acted against the Euro 2020 sponsor bottle.

Unlike the previous actions, the two players did not mind the existence of the bottles.

Andriy Yarmolenko became the most attention-grabbing because he had mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Yarmolenko seems to like Coca-Cola and another Euro 2020 sponsor, Heineken beer.

The Ukrainian national team star even said that he wanted to work with the two beverage manufacturers.

“Can I do something? I saw Ronaldo do this (moving the Coca-Cola bottle),” he said with a laugh after Ukraine’s 2-1 win over North Macedonia Thursday (17/6/2021) night WIB.

“I want to move (the Coca-Cola bottle) here and I want to move the beer here. Coca Cola and Heineken, call me!” Yarmolenko said.

Romelu Lukaku also did something similar to Yarmolenko by inviting Coca-Cola to work together.

However, the Belgian national team striker did not react to the bottle of Heineken beer.

Interestingly, Lukaku put away the Heineken bottle in the middle of the press conference.

“Coca-Cola, contact Roc Nation (Lukaku’s management). We can work together,” said Lukaku after the Belgian national team won 2-1 over Denmark, Thursday night.

Regarding the action of sliding the sponsor’s bottle, a spokesman for Euro 2020 actually didn’t mind it.

“A player was offered water, along with Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar when they came to our press conference. Everyone is entitled to their drink choice,” he said.

However, UEFA finally came out with a more complete statement on Thursday.

“UEFA has reminded all participating teams that partnerships are essential to the conduct of the tournament and ensuring the development of football across Europe, including youth and women’s football,” the tournament organizers said.

However, UEFA through the tournament director Martin Kallen said that they understand the actions of players like Pogba who get rid of beer bottles out of trust.

However, other players are under contract to follow the tournament regulations.

He also said there was “a possibility” the teams could face disciplinary action even though they had no intention of fining the players directly and any penalties would be left to the respective federations.

“We from UEFA will not fine players directly. We will do this directly from the national associations and those who will determine whether to impose a fine,” said Kallen again.

“However, we are currently not going after the players. We have regulations signed by the participating federations.”




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