The torch that polishes stadium seats and gets millions of views on TikTok

Alberto Ferreras

Zamora, Jun 24 (EFE) .- The use of a blowtorch has served Zamora CF to polish and disinfect the almost eight thousand seats of the Ruta de la Plata stadium and the employee of the rojiblanco club who had the idea, Javier de Aldama, to accumulate millionaire visits in the videos in which he shows that work on the social network TikTok.

Javier de Aldama has acknowledged in statements to Efe that he has been surprised by the impact that the initiative has had on the short video network, where the first of his recordings has already accumulated 4.8 million visits in fifteen days and four of the fourteen videos he has uploaded add up to eight million views.

That despite the fact that he barely had four followers on TikTok when on June 9 he published on his profile ‘jdsoplete’ the first recording in which he showed how an original and simple idea can be effective when it comes to renewing and giving color to the plastic seats to leave them as new after twenty years of use.

A sweep with the torch helps to remove dirt, disinfects the seat and restores the original color lost from years of exposure to the sun outdoors.

Javier de Aldama, who is also the brother of the president of Zamora CF, explained that the idea arose when he used the torch to remove an obsolete advertisement from a metal support.

Next to him he had one of the plastic seats in the grandstand area and he remembered that when he was younger and riding a moped he used the flame of a lighter to clean and restore the original color of the plastic on the footrest.

He did the test with one of the seats and was surprised by how well it looked, so he set himself the challenge of reviewing the almost eight thousand seats in the stadium with the blowtorch before taking his vacation on July 23.

In this way, leave them as new for a negligible price compared to what it would cost the club to replace them.

Each plastic seat has a cost of 20 euros and compared to the 160,000 euros of its renewal, the makeup to which they are subjected with the torch costs 18 euros per bottle of butane, which gives to review 1,500 seats.

Although this Zamora CF worker has admitted that he is not “very social media” and did not intend to become famous on TikTok, he decided to upload the video of his work with the torch without giving it much importance and the next day he was surprised by the visits he accumulated .

His goal now is to reach 10,000 followers on his TikTok account since from that number the social network pays for the most viral videos and although that money would not reach him to live, it could be an extra of his own to his work as in charge of the maintenance of the Zamorano Ruta de la Plata stadium.

For Javier de Aldama, the secret of the success of his videos polishing the seats with the blowtorch may lie in the hypnotic power of fire.

For the moment, with his little flamethrower he has already recovered the intensity of the red and green of three thousand of the seats that display the colors of the Zamora flag in the municipal stadium.

While completing this work, ‘jdsoplete’ continues to upload videos of his work, ties up collaborations with other influencers and comes up with new uses of fire to show on the social network. EFE





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